“abstract” Excerpts

“abstract”: the official STQ Album

Catchy, passionate, and genre-bending, the twelve original compositions of this group’s debut album are truly an eclectic mix.

Sarah Wallin Huff on violin and vocals brings a classical and folk influence to the band; Danielle Cummins on violin brings a Celtic and country influence; Ken Glaser on guitar, bass, and vocals brings a rock and minimalist influence; and Keith Buerger on percussion brings a jazz and baroque influence. As diverse as the styles are, they share a common thread of energy, spirit, and exploration, with the members shaping the sound by adding touches of flugelhorn, theremin, piano, and vibraphone.

The disc opens with a group composition reminiscent of the Moody Blues, featuring an upbeat violin motif, a forward-looking narrative, and a memorable chorus. To close the disc, the group grafted contemporary lyrics onto a 17th century classical composition to create a fun and sophisticated Christmas song that may well become a holiday standard. In between, well … you’ll just have to hear for yourself.

Track Listing and Excerpts:

  1. Born Too Soon
  2. Sonata Moderna
  3. For A Day
  4. Forest Of Cedars
  5. Under The Influence
  6. Personal Echo
  7. First Dance
  8. Don’t Come Cryin’ To Me
  9. The Road
  10. Dance At Clonmacnoise
  11. Candy
  12. Christmas Morning

Download the Extended Lyrics and Notes Sheet for the Album Here.