News and Opportunities

String Theory’s got lots going on for the coming months as Fall kicks into high gear!

Firstly, check out our three upcoming performances:

Secondly, we have a new Fan Art Album on our Facebook Page!

  • Add your creative artwork and memes related to STQ to our wall, and you could be featured in our Fan Art Album! We know you are all creative and love to express yourselves in unique ways. We are looking for YOUR artwork of **any- and all-things-String-Theory-ish** to be added. We’ve already moved the clever STQ Meme by James to this album… Whose art will be next? Show off your serious talent, or your off-beat humor, and share it with the rest of us! Better still– Do you know others in your life who are talented artists as well? Perhaps you or they can create an amazing likeness of us or our themes in, say, Realism or Noir or Anime styles? We believe imagination knows no bounds… Peruse our Galleries and Videos either on Facebook or here at our home site to get ideas! Share our site with your artistic friends… We would LOVE to see what you all can come up with! …And who knows…? We may even end up using some of your images and/or designs on future products, with full credit to the artist!… 😉 We can’t wait to see your creativity shine!

Lastly, we have a couple fun opportunities we’ve signed up for, and YOU can help us be chosen for them!

  • We’d love to Get Featured in Papercut Magazine! They’re looking to feature unique, professional talent in their new Music Edition. Post on their wall to request String Theory Quartet.
  • Hoping to play at the Sunset Marquis–the sound they’re looking for is interesting amplified acoustic!.. A good fit, no? Post on their wall to request String Theory Quartet.

We should also mention that we’re working on several new and intriguing songs to add to our set this month, with styles among the likes of Alanis Morissett, Vienna Teng, and ambient Pink Floyd!

Let’s explore these Parallel Universes of Sound together this Fall!

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