More Details on Our Sawdust Gig

Due to the increasing interest in our upcoming performance at the Sawdust Festival on Sunday, July 29th, we wanted to share a few more pertinent details with you all as you’re gearing up to go out hang with us that evening! 😉

  • We’ll be performing at the Main Deck Stage.(Click the Map to help you navigate the grounds.)

    Click Here
    for a detailed grounds map of the fair, so you can find us easily!

  • We’re starting at 5:30pm and going until 9:45pm. However!– We will be performing in four distinct sets at a half-hour-long each, separated by a required half-hour break in between each set. So, if you show up and we’re not performing, don’t worry! Somebody from the band should be there at all times, selling albums, taking your gracious tips into our Spare String Fund, and chatting it up with our beloved fans anyway… 😉 But, never fear, we will be on again to perform shortly!
  • Tickets: Click here for more info and to purchase tickets online. And, don’t forget! Residents of South County cities will be admitted for free that evening starting at 5pm!
  • Directions and Parking Options: Great info on that here.

We hope this helps make your plans easier to come and join us for a wonderfully fun event! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us or the Sawdust Festival. We look forward to seeing you there!

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