One Convenient Location…

Brand new – and snazzy and convenient – is our awesome BandPage on String Theory’s Facebook page!

Click here to browse this nifty, new online experience! *

All assembled on this one page, you will be able to listen to our recordings, view our Facebook photos, view our videos, AND see a comprehensive list of all our upcoming performance dates with links available for ticket purchase where applicable. With one click, you can share any and all of these things – that you might find especially enjoyable – with your friends!

In related news, String Theory now has a “Set List” on Sarah’s SoundCloud page!

As we look forward to completing very soon our first, full-length original album, we’ll most likely be looking into adding those professionally rendered tracks to both of these “locales” for your listening enjoyment. It seems you’ll likely be able to purchase and download our professional tracks via these sites, as well!

So, hold on tight! We’re going awesome places, and we’re so glad to have you along for the ride! 😀

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