Excitement at the Blue Fin

This past Sunday, String Theory debuted at the “Jazz Patio” in front of the Blue Fin in Claremont — a unique experience for both our group and for the usual patrons of the venue, to be sure!

We had a tremendously enjoyable time performing our three-hour “Parallel Universe” set for the crowd there; it was just the most beautiful day, and everyone was so warm and receptive. 🙂

Here’s a lovely comment we received here on our website from a member of the crowd, that very same evening:

Eclectic only begins to describe this group, seen today @ College Center (Claremont).  My theory:  Sunday p.m.s would be a lot more enjoyable if STQ appeared more often at the Blue Fin patio.  Bring ’em back! —J.B.

Enjoy just a few photos snapped from our performance…

…and look for really exciting news, coming up next on this site very, very soon…! 😉

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