Exciting Upcoming News

Our performance this past Saturday on the Promenade was enormously fun and successful!

Danielle displays our rewards for an excellent night of music!

Danielle and Sarah whipped out the electric violins for the first time in our set and played with their new portable Crate Taxi amp, Keith added a snare drum to the mix of our potential sounds, the group debuted a couple of our newest tunes (including our original Christmas Concerto, which we love!–we warned you, haha!), and we had the immense joy of performing for and sharing with a large group of amazing people! The evening was absolutely dynamic! We want to thank everyone (like Gloria, Cindy, and Mary Ann) who came by to show us their support and love. (If you were there, leave us a comment to say, “Hi!” And if you got some excellent pictures or video, let us know–we could include them in our Gallery!)

We love doing what we do, and we’re delighted that so many others take such joy in it as well! :mrgreen:

We do have our next date on the Promenade set! We’ll be going out on Saturday, February 18th, and we’ll be trying out our home-venue in the daytime this time — Look for us out there from 2pm to 4pm. Check out our Upcoming Events page for map and details!

In other news, we have many more tunes we’re planning to add to our set, all in this coming month: tunes from the likes of John Denver, Led Zeppelin, as well as originals by Ken Glaser, Sarah Wallin Huff, and Danielle Cummins!

And, we’ve got several really exciting new concert opportunities at unique venues opening up for us within the next couple of months. We don’t want to give any spoilers away until we have definite dates secured, but, rest assured, February and March are shaping up to be quite adventurous for String Theory! So keep your eyes out for news on that!

Thank you again for all your support! Help us spread the word about String Theory — there are some exciting opportunities on the horizon for sharing our passion with more people. Feel free to contact us any time; we love hearing from you! And we look forward to seeing you soon!

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